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Northstar Christian Academy provides Christ-centered instructions for children from pre-school through their senior year of high school. Elementary (K-6) children are instructed in small classroom settings. In 7th & 8th grades they move to the high school wing of the school, and are helped to transition to different schedules and learning methods. High school (9-12) students are being prepared for college.


The grading system at Northstar is as follows: 

A+ = 98-100 A= 94-97 A- = 90-93

B+ = 88-89 B = 86-87 B- = 83-85

C+ = 81-82 C = 77-80 C- = 74-76 

D+ = 72-73 D = 70-71 F = Below 70 

A student must be passing all classes to be on the Honor Roll

94-100 or 3.8 - 4.0 = High Honor Roll 

89-93   or 3.31 - 3.7 = Honor Roll 

86-88 or 3.01 - 3.3 = Merit  

Graduation Requirements

To earn a diploma, NCA students must complete a course of study that exceeds the  requirements set forth by the Board of Regents. An approved high school four-year course of study includes the following units of work or their equivalent and will result in 28 total credits.


Bible 4 credits 

English 4 credits 

Social Studies 4 credits

Science 3 credits 

Math 3 credits 

Health 1/2 credit

Physical Education 2 credits (.5/year)

  Foreign Language          2 credits

Computer Science 1/2 credit 

Electives 5 or more


Northstar Christian Academy is now offering a classroom extension. This brings the opportunity to families who are not enrolled in a traditional school, but may be looking for one class with a live teacher. Currently this is available for 7-12th grade students who would like to take a course at a traditional school.