"Partnering with families by developing students who are spiritually and academically equipped to change the world for Christ"

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Why I chose the Northstar Christian Academy for my student's education:


" me has been a God focused, safe, loving environment with academic excellence that I have loved and entrusted nine children for 33 years."


"…Christian education has always been important in my life. I went to Northstar Christian Academy Kindergarten to 12th grade and I want my kids to build the same foundation on biblical principles."


"...The size of the classes fosters a great learning experience for my kids. And the teachers have been very much engaged with my son and daughter causing them to be excited to go to school everyday!"


"...I wanted my daughter's education to mirror what they are learning at home as well as be able to find like-minded Christian friends."


About Us

Northstar Christian Academy is a ministry of First Bible Baptist Church. Until 1982, the school met in the same buildings as the church itself. The Grace & Truth Sports Park, another ministry area of the church, is the location of all outdoor sports home games for Northstar athletics.

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We raise our voices high in singing

Praises to the Red and White

Giving honor all to Jesus

Our Savior and our Might

Northstar mighty Northstar

May her flag forever fly

Hearts forever faithful to her name

She will ever draw us nigh


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