Northstar Christian Academy

A Christ-centered, Bible-based Complete Education

Building long-lasting, life-changing moments and memories in a rigorous K-12 academic environment, where students are respected, loved and appreciated.

Northstar Christian Academy

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With smaller class sizes, students receive individualized attention. Building a good relationship between the teachers, students, parents and administration is crucial for success. The school also values its relationship with other organizations in the community and around the world.


Following the example of Jesus, the staff of Northstar Christian Academy is here, not to be ministered unto, but to minister. The goal is to enable each student to reflect that same attitude of service by enabling them to become an effective, responsible and pleasing servant of Christ.


Academic programs at Northstar Christian Academy meet or exceed New York State Standards at all grade levels. A strong academic foundation is built by degreed Christian teachers, in a safe and secure environment. The school as an organization represents Christ to the world, and wants to do that well.

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50+ students from 22 countries on five continents
Grace & Truth Sports Park

First Bible Baptist Church

Northstar Christian Academy is a ministry of First Bible Baptist Church. Until 1982, the school met in the same buildings as the church itself. The Grace & Truth Sports Park, another ministry area of the church, is the location of all outdoor sports home games for NCA.