The Academy offers a wide variety of extra and co-curricular activities with special emphasis on music, athletics, and expressive arts.
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 Northstar Knights

Athletics play an important role in developing mind, physique, and discipline. We encourage all our students to participate in at least one sport per year. Northstar belongs to the NYSPHSAA of New York and abides fully by its rules and regulations. We play both public and private schools in interscholastic contests. Our sports program provides many hours of entertainment during the school year. Come join us for an exciting time! Get involved!

Student Council

Student Council is a student leadership opportunity offered to grades 7-12. The 16-member group consists of two representatives from each grade and four executive officers. The four executive positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These positions can only be filled by juniors and seniors. Each class elects its own class representatives, while the entire student body elects the executive officers.

Student Council is responsible for many types of activities including, but not limited to:

Student Activity Days
Spirit Weeks
Blood Drives
Charity Fundraisers


American Christian Honor Society

American Christian Honor Society (ACHS):

To be eligible for membership, a student must be enrolled in the school for three quarters. Candidates eligible for membership to the Senior American Christian Honor Society must be in 9th – 12th grades and must have a minimum scholastic average of 90%. All students who maintain a scholastic average of 90% or greater will be considered for membership.

A student who was elected to active membership of the American Christian Honor Society in another school and has transferred to this school shall be eligible for full membership in this chapter. They must provide a letter from an administrator from their former school to indicate they were a member in good standing. A transfer member shall be required to maintain the standards of this chapter.

Selection shall be based upon: Christian Character and Christian Leadership

Once an academically potential member qualifies teachers evaluate eligible members. A score of 23.5 out of 25 from the teacher rubric assessing character, leadership, attendance, school policies and preparation allows him/her to move to the next step of the ACHS process.


Lunch Workers

Students from the 6th grade (about 6 of them) are used in the Grade School, and students from grades 10-12 (about 6) are used for the High School lunch. These positions are filled by invitation only. Students are used to wait on the other students. They take the order, collect the money, and then give out the food or drink.



American Christian Honor Society

American Christian Honor Society (ACHS)



Chess Club

Meets every non-chapel Friday at lunch time in Mr. Tim Dorr’s room. Available to those signed up Chess Club members only. Enjoy Lunch and Chess!



Chamber Singers: (Select Choir)



School Musicals

Auditions are held every other year for parts in school musical



School Drama