Northstar provides several Online Course options to our students to supplement the classroom training options that are provided. Listed below are the Online Courses currently being offered.

Online Courses cost $100 each, and students taking these courses will need to provide their own headphones for the courses. Students are given time during the school day to complete their Online Courses.

  1. Agriscience
  2. Anthropology I: Uncovering Human Mysteries
  3. Anthropology II: More Human Mysteries Uncovered
  4. Archaeology: Detectives of the Past
  5. Art in World Cultures
  6. Astronomy: Exploring the Universe
  7. Biotechnology
  8. Careers in Criminal Justice
  9. Cosmetology: Cutting Edge Styles
  10. Creative Writing
  11. Criminology: Inside the Criminal Mind
  12. Digital Photography I: Creating Images with Impact!
  13. Digital Photography II: Discovering Your Creative Potential
  14. Early Childhood Education
  15. Entrepreneurship I
  16. Fashion & Interior Design
  17. Forensic Science I: Secrets of the Dead
  18. Forensic Science II: More Secrets of the Dead
  19. Health Science: The Whole Individual
  20. Health Sciences II
  21. History of the Holocaust
  22. Hospitality & Tourism: Traveling the Globe
  23. Human Geography: Our Global Identity
  24. International Business: Global Commerce in the 21st Century
  25. Introduction to Culinary Arts
  26. Introduction to Manufacturing: Product Design & Innovation
  27. Law & Order: Introduction to Legal Studies
  28. Lord of the Rings & Its Literary Influence
  29. Middle School Journalism
  30. Middle School Photography: Drawing with Light
  31. Middle School Career Explorations
  32. Music Appreciation: The Enjoyment of Listening
  33. Peer Counseling
  34. Personal & Family Finance
  35. Philosophy: The Big Picture
  36. Principles of Public Service: To Serve & Protect
  37. Public Speaking
  38. Real World Parenting
  39. Social Media: Our Connected World
  40. Social Problems I: A World in Crisis
  41. Social Problems II: Crisis, Conflicts & Challenges
  42. Sociology I: The Study of Human Relationships
  43. Sociology II: Your Social Life
  44. Sports & Entertainment Marketing
  45. Theater, Cinema, & Film Production
  46. Veterinary Science: The Care of Animals

**Online courses could have content that is contrary to a Biblical World View