The school identification number for college and CEEB applications is

Guidance Office

The Guidance Office is the bridge between Northstar and your student’s college experience. This office supports students with the following services:

1. PSAT test is administered at NCA.

2. ASVAB test is administered and test results explained at NCA.

3. Dates & Information for the SAT and ACT exam are given through the Guidance Office.

4. All Juniors attend the National College Fair at the Riverside Convention Center

5 Approximately 5 colleges a year send representatives to NCA for exposure and personal contact with students and Admissions Officers.

6 The Guidance Office and English Departments work with students to write college application essays.

7 Seniors are notified weekly of any scholarship opportunities. The Guidance Office will help with any scholarship applications or essays.

8. All college application paperwork is facilitated through the Guidance Office.

9. Senior’s final transcripts will be sent to the college of choice by mid-June for a smooth transition into College.

10. The Guidance Office is open for any student and/or parent to ask questions, get information and receive support in the college information, application and acceptance process.