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"Partnering with families by developing students who are spiritually and academically equipped to change the world for Christ"



  • A school where Christian character is emphasized

  • A school where bible truth is taught.

  • A school where morality is stressed.

  • A school where self-discipline is expected.

  • A school where high academic achievement is honored.

  • A school where patriotism counts.

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School Purpose

  • Glorify God

  • Establish the scriptures as the final, absolute authority

  • Provide a distinctly Christian environment for the student body

  • Teach traditional course offerings from a biblical worldview

  • Promote excellence in the realm of the spiritual, academic, social and physical components of life

  • Encourage the student body to be conformed to the image of Christ, holy, self-disciplined and responsible

  • Prepare disciples of Jesus Christ for Christian service, encouraging the student(s) to seek God’s purpose for them in this life


Student and Parent Handbook


Articles of Faith

As Northstar Christian Academy is a ministry of First Bible Baptist Church, it adheres to the statement of faith of the church. These articles of faith may be read here.